A strange thing happens when you diet. Even though you know thatAcompliex losing weight is one of the best ways for you to become healthier, and that cutting back on the amount of food that you eat, especially high-calorie and high-fat foods, is one of the best ways to drop those extra pounds,  many cannot stop raiding the fridge at night. This is because your body reacts to dieting as if it is being starved due to a food shortage. You may consciously know that there is plenty of food, but your body only understands that the amount of food it is given is decreasing. It then causes you to have cravings for high-fat, high-calorie foods as these are the most beneficial for you when there is a food shortage.

Suppressing Your Appetite With Acompliex

Although high-fat, high-calorie foods might be best for you when there is a food shortage, they are the worst when you are trying to lose weight. As long as the cravings and hunger continue, you will continue to be dissatisfied. There is good new – you no longer have to suffer through these difficult feelings because there are now safe and effective over the counter diet pills to curb the cravings. One leading brand is Accomliex which contains hoodia gordonii. This has been used by South Africa Bushmen for thousands of years to suppress their appetites while they go on hunting excursions in the desert. Tried and tested for centuries, you can trust that it will reduce the hunger you experience while dieting. This is due to the fact that the ingredients actually stop the cravings where they really start: in the brain.

Stopping Cravings With Acompliex

You might think that your hunger and cravings are an impulse, or problem which stems from your stomach. This misconception has been found untrue; the real culprit is your mind. Your brain sends makes you obsess about certain foods that contain lots of fat and calories because it thinks that these are the foods you need. Just because it is your brain does not mean that it always knows what is best. We experience these obsessions as cravings. Some of the cravings that are commonly experienced while dieting are for cakes, ice creams, pizza, cheeses, hamburgers, and other foods that will cause you to gain weight rather than lose it. With Acompliex you disrupt the thought process that causes cravings by “short circuiting” the neurotransmitters that are at the root of the craving.

Acompliex is a Safe Alternative to Acomplia

Acompliex works in much the same way as the prescription diet pill Acomplia. It is also the best replacement for the prescription drug Rimonabant. There are some significant differences between Acompliex and these prescription diet pills, though. As an over the counter diet pill, Acompliex costs less because you do not have to pay to visit your doctor to get a prescription. More importantly, Acompliex is safer. Many of the patients involved in the Acomplia drug trials had to leave because they were experiencing violent vomiting. They require prescriptions as they are potentially too dangerous to sell over the counter. Acompliex has no known side effects so you do not have to worry about any unexpected, negative health effects that it may produce.

Acompliex has helped many people lose weight by reducing their hunger and cravings. You do not have to suffer through the same pains that your parents had when they dieted. You have access to medical technology that makes losing weight easy. Doing it alone often results in failure. Using Acompliex greatly increases your chances of success.

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