African Mango

We live in a fast-paced world where everyone wants to get ahead, working our years away and filling our calendars with activities of all sorts. The advent of the computer age plays a critical role in this frenzied culture and continues to keep people glued to their cubicles and to their PCs. Unfortunately, this trend has slowly taken its toll on the lives of people in the form of degenerative diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes.

Because of fatigue and stress from overwork, people tend to eat more and become couch potatoes, spending the extra time they have in front of the TV with a bag of fries or popcorn. The good news is more and more people of all ages and across cultures is now going back to the basics in terms of diet preferences, realizing the repercussions of bad health habits. Consumption of fruits and vegetables, intake of sufficient amount of water, adequate exercise and intake of food supplements are now the mantra of those who spearhead the healthier lifestyle revolution.

For overweight people, going through the current and most popular diet pills will always lead them to African Mango, a rare fruit found in the African rainforest known to burn stubborn fat.


This rare, mango-like fruit which is also commonly known as wild mango or bush mango is scientifically known as Irvingia, a genus in the family Irvingiaceae. This fruit was named after Dr. Edward George Irving, a Scottish surgeon in the Royal Navy and an avid collector of plants. This fruit has a fibrous flesh and is categorized as a drupe. Meanwhile, the lumber is of hard wood nature that is used in construction and engineering purposes.

Commercial Uses

Each fruit contains a nut loaded with fat and protein popularly recognized as etima, ogbono, odika or dika nut, which is usually sundried before it is preserved. These nuts are either left as is or are pulverized before packaging. Paste can also be created out of these nuts that can be processed either as Gabon chocolate or dika bread. Restaurants also make high demand for these African Mango nuts because they are used as congealing agents in preparing asogbono soup due to their high mucilage content. Likewise, the nuts can be pressed to produce vegetable oil.

Currently though, this rare fruit have been gaining rapid popularity and demand because it has been discovered to contain a potent ingredient that contributes to effective weight loss.


Numerous research efforts have been devoted to the study of this rare fruit. The University of Yaounde I and University of Ngaoundere have spearheaded the study surrounding the weight loss potential of African Mango based on an in vitro research previously conducted. Instead of laboratory settings, the researchers invited human subjects which were administered 150 mg of the fruit extract twice every day before eating breakfast and lunch, resulting to productive improvements such as body fat reduction, weight loss and waist circumference decrease.

Another group of 102 overweight adults were administered the placebo in a span of ten weeks, where they maintained their eating habits and exercised as usual. After the study, the extract takers dropped 28 pounds, while those in placebo didn't display significant change at all. Moreover, the extract takers had decreased bad cholesterol levels by 27% in contrast to those who took placebo, showing a measly 4.8% bad cholesterol level reduction.

Another research claims that African Mango may prove to have a potent ingredient that may aid obese thyroid patients. Because overweight thyroid patients tent to have high insulin resistance, the fruit extract encourages the production of adiponectin, an insulin-regulating hormone. Likewise, it decreases the digestion of carbohydrates by inhibition of amylase, the enzyme responsible in breaking down starch into sugar. Another significant finding in this study is the ability of the fruit extract to lower high fasting glucose levels of overweight thyroid patients.

Uses and benefits

African Mango has recently been discovered to burn off fat faster, increase metabolism and fat oxidation as well as raise the body's energy levels. The weight loss pill has the ability to curb or suppress appetite and thus, prevent hunger cravings and food binges. It is also known to fight off fatigue and stress. What distinguishes this fruit extract from other weight loss ingredients is its ability to decrease leptin levels, hence, helping people maintain their weight on a much longer basis. Leptin is a hormone that fat cells of the body produce and is responsible in weight regulation or maintenance since it is in constant coordination with the hypothalamus.

Known Side Effects/contraindications

Sustained use of the diet supplement caused some research subjects side effects such as difficulty of sleeping, excess gas and headaches. However, it is not known if the supplement has any contraindication with any drug or pill, and researches are still being done to determine this.

Product Sources and considerations

Because of the influx of weight loss supplements in the market, care should be taken in buying only from genuine and accredited sources. In searching for this product, you may also consider using the fruit's scientific name "Irvingia".

Also, always remember to look for the extract's chemical name, IGOB131 in labels since this extract has been directly linked to all the advantages and benefits that the supplement purports in the series of studies conducted.


People's consciousness levels on living healthier lives are rising at a steady rate, so there is also an expected rise in research efforts to know more about the African Mango as a potent weight loss aid as well as other means through which this wonder fruit can be processed, packaged, marketed and utilized. While some promising speculations about the amazing benefits of this fruit extract have been laid down, it is encouraging to note that scientific milestones have already been achieved to know African Mango in greater detail. With the speed at which Science expands and develops, for sure, there will be more benefits that will be discovered about this fruit extract.