Why You Should Not Choose Didrex as Your Diet Pill

When you go to your doctor to ask about weight loss prescriptions, Didrexhe or she may suggest Didrex. As you have made the healthy decision to lose excessive weight, you are taking a wonderful step towards thinking more about your current and future health. Other than quitting tobacco products, losing weight is one of the healthiest acts that you can do for yourself. The path between where you are now and your ideal weight may be a long one, so you need to be sure that you continue to make healthy decisions as you decide exactly what your weight loss plan will be. One of the first things that you should consider is whether you want to try risky prescription drugs, like Didrex, or over the counter diet pills like Phentramin–D.

Why is Didrex a Risky Weight Loss Drug

There are many side effects that patients have experienced when taking Didrex that you should be wary of. Not all of them are terrible. In fact, some of them are just slight nuisances that most people who are serious about losing weight can usually tolerate well. These minor Didrex side effects include restlessness, nervousness, diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, unpleasant taste in the mouth, tremors, and insomnia. Sure, these are things that you do not want to experience, but if that is what it takes to obtain your weight loss goals, then you could go through them with few complaints. There are other side effects, though, that you might want to pay more attention to. These include palpitations, impotency, increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure. Compare these to the known side effects for Phentramin–D. The list of Phentramin–D’s side effects could not be any shorter, as there are actually no known side effects for it. That is right. Not a single known side effect.

Choosing the Weight Loss Pill That Works For You

Phentramin–D can also be taken for longer periods of time, whereas Didrex is only intended for short term use. Didrex a stimulant that is so dangerous, people should not even take it for more than a couple of months. You might be able to lose some weight during that time, but you should consider all that you might have to go through. With Phentramin–D you do not have to worry about how long you can take the pills. You simply take them until you have reached your target weight and are certain that you can stay their without their support.

When you decide that it is time for you to lose weight, you need to be ready to make several decisions that could have serious impacts on your health. The type of weight loss pill that you select is one of those important decisions. By choosing safe, effective over the counter drugs like Phentramin–D, instead of potentially dangerous prescription drugs like Didrex, you can begin living your new, healthy lifestyle right now without any fear of dangerous side effects.