Diet Pill Reviews

If you are trying to lose weight, you know and appreciate how hard this task can be. Not only is changing your exercise and eating habits challenging, there are genetic factors that make it more difficult for some people to lose weight.  Many turn to prescription diet pills to help them lose weight, however, a large variety of prescription pills are known to cause harmful side effects. Instead of using risky prescription pills, a favorable alternative is to utilize over the counter diet pills. After diligently reviewing the over the counter diet pills on the market, four stand out as the absolute best: Hoodia Rush, Phentramin-d, Proactol, and Avatrim.

Hoodia Rush, the Best Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pill

Hoodia Gordonii is a plant that grows in Africa and is used by local Bushmen to suppress their appetites when they embark upon hunting expeditions in the desert. While hoodia gordonii is one of the best natural appetite suppressants in the world, not all of the products that contain this ingredient are of the same quality. This makes it necessary to choose a hoodia gordonii diet pill that has been proven to help people lose weight quickly. Hoodia Rush has proved to be the best, most effective hoodia gordonii diet pill on the market. Hoodia Rush is 100 percent hoodia gordonii. Instead of adding cheap filler to their pills, like many other companies, Hoodia Rush provides you with only the best hoodia gordonii so that you can lose weight fast.


Phentramin-d, the Best Alternative to Phentermine

You might already be familiar with Phentermine. Phentermine is an effective weight loss drug, which has been shown to produce negative side effects, such as irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and psychosis. Phentramin-d is the best over the counter alternative to this potentially dangerous drug. Phentramin-d is truly a win-win diet pill as it offers the same great results, by suppressing your appetite, without causing the negative side effects.


Proactol, the Best Fat Binder

Fat binders allow you to eat all of the foods you love while you are dieting by restricting the amount of fat that your body absorbs. Proactol reduces the amount of fat that your body absorbs by almost 30 percent. That is amazing amount of fat that will pass through your body so that you can continue enjoying the foods you love while shedding pounds quickly. Proactol also suppresses your appetite so that you will eat less during meals, thus reducing your fat intake even more.


Avatrim, the Best Fat Burner

Boosting your metabolism is one of the most effective ways of dropping weight and keeping those pounds off permanently. Avatrim is the best fat burner over the counter diet pill on the market. One of the problems that many dieters face is that dieting actually lowers your metabolism. Avatrim will boost your metabolism so that you can burn fat quickly.


Thousands of people try to lose weight through diet and exercise every year. Most of them fail. By choosing the best over the counter diet pills, though, you can lose weight safely and permanently.