Diuretics & Laxatives

If you are overweight or obese, dropping those extra pounds can be one of the healthiest things that you can do for yourself. It will further the time your share with the lives of those around you, such as your spouse or children. While losing weight also causes most people to feel more attractive and confident, you should not let dissatisfaction with your body cause you to use unhealthy weight loss methods. Some people use diuretics and laxatives to help them lose weight. While this might be effective at reducing weight, it is an extremely unhealthy way to lose unwanted pounds and they are often less effective than you think.

Do Diuretics Help You Lose Weight or Fat?

When people say that they are trying to lose weight, what they typically mean is that they are trying to lose fat. They might not necessarily be concerned with their actual weight, but they are concerned about the way they look when they have extra pounds. They are commonly also concerned about the negative health effects that extra weight often brings. People who turn to diuretics to help them lose weight are not making this distinction. While diuretics might help you lose weight, they are not actually helping you lose fat. Instead, they are causing you to lose vital fluids in your body, which makes it not only ineffective but unhealthy. Diuretics have also been shown to elevate your heart rate and cause dizziness, both of which are signs that you are doing something harmful to your body.

Laxatives: an Ineffective, Dangerous Weigh Loss Option

Laxatives are not any more effective than diuretics and they cause even more health problems. The reason that laxatives do not work is that they become active in your colon. This means that they do not start working until your stomach has already absorbed all of the calories and fat from the food that you eat. Instead of losing fat, you are only losing precious body fluids that you need to be healthy. Using laxatives over long periods of time will also cause health problems such as chronic diarrhea, dehydration (which can lead to heart problems among other things), chronic constipation, bloating, severe abdominal pains, and vomiting. Those are a lot of risks to take for a weight loss method that does not even work.

Using Diet Pills to Help You Lose Weight

If you are having a hard time losing unwanted pounds, then you should try over the counter diet pills that are safe and effective.  This is a much better approach than dangerous, ineffective techniques like using diuretics and laxatives. There are a variety of diet pills that you can try. Some of the best are Hoodia Rush, Phentramin-D, Proactol, and Avatrim. All of these diet pills can be purchased over the counter. Therefore, you do not have to worry about taking prescription drugs that might produce negative side effects, such as psychosis and irregular heartbeat which are even more dangerous than those from diuretics and laxatives.

When you decide to lose weight, you need to remember that your health is the most important thing to protect. You might want to lose weight so that you will feel more attractive, but it is necessary for you to focus on the health aspects of weight loss. Remember, no one is more attractive than a healthy person.