Using Ephedra to Lose Weight Can be Dangerous

When you decide to lose weight you always need to develop a healthy strategy that will help you shed pounds without putting yourself in danger of experiencing negative health risks. After all, maintaining an appropriate weight is fundamentally a healthy thing to do which provides many benefits. When you choose a dangerous substance to help you lose weight, you counteract the health benefits and put yourself at risk. Ephedra is so dangerous that it has been banned from being sold in the United States. Those who use the Internet know that obtaining Ephedra in America is not a difficult task. May consumers continue to order Ephedra, and have it shipped in from another country. If you decide to do this you will be making a dangerous decision when you could lose weight healthily with a legal alternative.

Why is Ephedra Banned in the United States?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned Ephedra because it posed significant health risks to those who took it. It was not just the FDA that supported the banning of Ephedra. Other medical organizations like the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine also supported banning it. The most serious concerns that the medical community has about Ephedra is that it has been shown to cause some users to experience heart attacks and strokes which commonly result in death. Obviously this is not the sort of substance that should be sold over the counter. Over the counter drugs are known to be safe for the public to use without concern that they are going to incur serious side effects. Very few side effects could be more serious than heart attack and stroke!

Ephedra Can Cause Death

Many drugs and other substances can cause minor side effects that we tolerate because the overall benefits outweigh them. You might be able to put up with a little dry mouth and the occasional headache, but the possible effects of using Ephedra can kill you. In 2003, Steve Bechler, who was a pitcher for the Orioles baseball team, experienced a heatstroke that resulted in his death. When the autopsy was performed, the results concluded that Ephedra had significantly contributed to his death. This is not someone who was in poor shape. This is the death of a professional athlete who trained for hours in the hot sun without ever experiencing anything terrible until he began using Ephedra.

Thankfully, you do not have to rely on dangerous drugs like Ephedra to lose weight because there are alternatives that will help you shed pounds just as well without causing negative side effects. For instance, you can use Avatrim as an alternative fat burner. If you have been using Ephedra, then you should give serious consideration to switching to Avatrim so that you can continue to enjoy the fat burning benefits without putting your health at risk. Losing weight needs to be a healthy process. When you resort to using dangerous drugs, the outcome can be unpredictable. By using safe diet pills, though, you can begin enjoying a healthier life without ever putting yourself in danger.