Fat Blockers – Xenical and Alli

Trying to lose weight may seem impossible. It requires a great dealXenical of willpower to deny yourself of the foods that you enjoy and to exercise after a long day at work. In fact, you may even have genes that make it more difficult to lose weight. Our bodies are designed to work optimally under very different circumstances from those that modern humans live in. The reason that we crave foods that contain fat and calories is because the human body needed more of these elements to fuel the body in the past, before we spent the majority of our time driving cars and typing at computers. Fat blockers like Xenical and Alli are great ways to maintain a healthy weight while still allowing yourself to enjoy the foods that your body craves.

Why Blocking Fat Helps You Lose Weight

The amount of fat that you body absorbs is much more important than the amount that you consume. When you use a fat blocker, you restrict the amount of fat that your body absorbs. This means that you can enjoy foods like pizza and ice cream without having to worry about the effect that the fat will have on your body. Some people argue that you need to count carbs if you want to lose weight. The truth is, fat is much denser with calories than carbs. By blocking the amount of fat that your body absorbs, you can reduce the amount of calories that you absorb from fat, which will help you lose weight quickly.

How Much Fat Can Alli and Xenical Block

Xenical and Alli do not work the same for everyone, but there areAlli studies which provide average amounts of fat that these drugs can block. The normal person can expect Alli to block about 25 percent of the fat that is consumed from being absorbed. Some trials show that Xenical can block up to 33 percent of fat from being absorbed, but the average is much closer to the results that Alli yield. Since the average person will reduce fat absorption by about 25 percent, this means that you can consume a slice of pizza that has 10 grams of fat, but fat blockers will only allow your body to absorb 7.5 grams. Suddenly, it becomes much easier to stick to your diet plans and eat the foods that you want.


Just because you are taking Alli, Xenical, or another fat blocker does not mean that you can eat as much as you want. You will still need to keep your diet in mind. The advantage of using these diet pills is that you do not have to worry as much about what you eat. Instead of counting every little calorie and fat gram, you can try to eat a well balanced diet that includes many different types of foods. This is a much healthier and realistic approach to dieting because it will allow you to enjoy the things that your body is naturally designed to crave. Diet and exercise plans that ask you to do otherwise are just asking you to fail in the long run. Even if you stick to those other diet plans, success should not mean that you never get to enjoy the foods you love.