A Review of Fedramine

For some patients looking to lose weight and increase energy, ephedra was the miracle drug of choice. Another popular option was phentermine, though this one required a visit to the doctor and a prescription. However, with these drugs being removed from the market because of safety concerns, patients are left looking for the next big diet drug.
One of these options is Fedramine. Fedramine offers many of the effects of ephedra and phentermine, including the increased energy and decreased appetite.

Ephedra free and natural ingredients

For those who want to lose the large amounts of weight that ephedra and phentermine promised, but were concerned about the side effects, they will be pleased to hear that Fedramine does not contain either drug. Instead the diet supplement contains a variety of natural ingredients that allow it to achieve the same effects without the harmful side effects. These include:

  • Citrus Aurantium – an ingredient that helps the body build fat to speed up weight loss. It can also give you more energy and curb your appetite without speeding up your heart rate or increasing your blood pressure.
  • Metabromine – this extract has been used for centuries in Latin America, and is an extract from a variety of cocoa tree. The extract helps give you a boost of energy without over-stimulating your body.
  • Green tea – green tea is a powerful antioxidant, and studies are showing that it is useful for more than one purpose. Green tea can help lower bad cholesterol levels, kill cancer cells, and even prevent blood clots from forming, among other uses.
  • Chromium – this essential mineral helps improve the way that the body uses insulin. This in turn speeds up the body's metabolism and allows it to make better use of the foods that you eat.
  • White willow bark – this ingredient works on the body in a way similar to aspirin. It can help reduce inflammation and pain as well as control fevers, helping you to continue feeling good while you are taking Fedramine.
  • Guarana – nature's version of caffeine, guarana is a stimulant that can help give you the energy to get through your day and through your workout.

Possible side effects

The majority of the side effects experienced when taking Fedramine are similar to taking any other stimulant. These include restlessness, nervousness, and difficulty sleeping. To help avoid these side effects, avoid taking Fedramine in the evening when it might interfere with sleep.

How to take Fedramine

The Fedramine pill should be taken a half hour before breakfast and again a half hour before lunch, with the second dose being at least 10 hours prior to bedtime. The pill should be taken with a full glass of water and swallowed whole. If you miss a dose, take again at your next scheduled dosing time. Do not double up on your dosing.
Users should keep in mind that Fedramine is designed to be used for short-term weight management and as part of a healthy diet and exercise routine. In order to see the best results from Fedramine, diet and exercise is an essential part of your routine.