Why You Should Not Choose Meridia as Your Weight Loss Drug

There are a plethora of weight loss pills available when you decide Meridiathat you want to shed those extra pounds.  Weight loss pills can make the process of losing weight much easier, but the large variety of options often makes it difficult to choose the pill that is right for you.  

At some point, your doctor might suggest a drug that is called Meridia. This weight loss drug might be effective, but you undergo substantial health risks. Many people decide that natural, over the counter diet pills like Phentrmin-D, Avatrim, and Hoodia Rush are better alternatives because they do not pose the same risks that Meridia does.

The Minor Side Effects of Meridia

All prescription drugs have some side effects. Most of them are not very intrusive.  If you are serious about losing weight, you might be able to tolerate some of Meridia’s minor side effects; however, keep in mind that there are over the counter diet pills without any side effects.

The minor side effects that have been reported by patients who take Meridia include dry mouth, nausea, bad taste in mouth, upset stomach, dizziness, insomnia, headache, flushing, menstrual cramps, delayed ejaculation, constipation, and joint and muscle paint. Again, these are not especially terrible symptoms, but if you use safe, effective over the counter alternatives, you do not have to suffer through any side effects at all.

The Serious Side Effects of Meridia

Of course, if there were only minor side effects, then Meridia would be one of the safest prescription drugs available today.  However, quite the opposite is true.  

There are severe side effects that have been experienced by patients who take Meridia. These serious side effects include seizures, chest pain, abnormal visions, abnormal bleeding, vomiting blood, paralysis in half of the body, depression, thoughts of suicide, increased blood pressure, and edema.  

Clearly, Meridia has a long list of serious side effects.  In fact, it is much longer that most other prescription drugs, even those that many patients have declined these drugs for health reasons.   Instead of choosing to take a drug that poses so many risks, it is a wiser decision to use over the counter diet pills that pose no risk at all.

Once you have decided that it is time for you to lose weight, it is important to make the proper decisions – which will ensure that your thinner body maintains its health.  Some doctors might prescribe diet drugs like Meridia for you, but the choice of whether to accept that prescription is always yours and yours alone.  By talking to your doctor about the potential consequences and alternatives, you should be able determine which diet pills are best for your specific health care and weight loss needs.  Losing weight is a healthy thing to do – be sure that the path you take to reach your target weight is also healthy.